March 29, 2022

Flutter & Firebase Introductory Series Part 1

New Application Setup

This course is focused on helping new users to Flutter utilize the power of firebase for their app and ensure that common mistakes are avoided when setting up your first app.

This series will cover setting up Firebase and Flutter for iOS, Android, and Web. We will also cover HIVE setup, logo setup, icon creation, SVG incorporation, and web deployment.

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To create a new flutter project, you need to select the Flutter Application> Start a New Flutter Project> Android Studio.

Since you have already created the project with the name of Testapp. Once you start coding the app, most of the app developers edit lib/main.dart, where the Dart code lives. You can replace the contents of the lib/main.dart or delete all of the code from lib/main.dart.

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In Flutter app development, everything is a widget which is an application itself. Stateless and stateful widgets are the widgets which come with changeable and unchangeable conditions. The scaffold widget is a framework that includes the standard screen components. Hierarchy can be quite a difficult process and have an app bar, body, menu and others.

Flutter’s widget saves you a lot of time and efforts on app development, but it involves a method to build a Widget. The Widget should contain other widgets.

Stateless widgets are immutable which means that their properties can’t be changed and all the value will remain final. On the other hand, Stateful widgets maintain state that might be changed during the lifetime of the widget. So when you implement a stateful widget, it requires at least two classes:

1) a StatefulWidget class that creates an instance of

2) A state class

The StatefulWidget class is, itself, immutable and can be thrown away and regenerated. But the State class persists over the lifetime of the widget.

So basically, you will need to add State class by adding a RandomWordsState. So to add _RandomWordsState, as a child inside the existing MyApp Stateless Widget, you need to follow these two things:

Create the boilerplate code for a stateful widget by positioning all of the code in lib/main.dart and enter Return a couple of times to start on a fresh line.

Enter RandomWords as the name of your widget.

With this quick tutorial, you must have understood how Flutter has made the app development process easier, quicker and simpler for the developer. Developing an app with Flutter can tenfold productivity of the developers and allow enterprises to market their app quickly to the market.

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