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aStage Mobile Application

aStage is a non-profit mobile application created to provide rapid reference of clinical information to oncologists regarding AJCC staging information and prognostic calculators. Physicians frequently access the material on this application and it remains in beta until official release anticipated in 2023.

After compiling all of the data from our interviews, audits, and studies, our research team analyzed everything. We pulled from what we learned during our deep dive into data to build out the user experience strategy (UX) for the redesign

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Mobile Design

once the structural planning was in place, we were ready for the fun part – design!

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The first thing we focused on was creating a new and more efficient way to access publicly available information. We worked with physicians to determine the most useful information clinically and distill it into a database.

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The next step was creation of a mobile platform to host the content and display it to clinicians. We utilized a Flutter framework with Google firebase backend. The application is fully internet connected with a focus on daily updates ensuring access to up to date information.

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Testing of the application began in 2022 and will finish in 2023.

Built for Efficiency

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