Be Aware

Breast Cancer Risk Calculator and Web Platform

Case Study

BE AWARE: Breast Education to Advance
Women’s Awareness of Risk and to Empower

We were tasked with the creation of virtual educational sessions with supplementary resources including: (1) televised educational sessions focused on risk factors that should lead to earlier breast cancer screening; (2) website highlighting risk status and screening recommendations (3) mobile application that enablespersonalized screening recommendations.

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Content and Illustration

Content Creation

We started by developing written and illustrated content through an iterative process with physicians and patients. After written content was developed, we created complementary illustrations.

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The first thing we focused on was creating a new and more efficient way to access publicly available information. We converted the Gail model risk model from SAS to Dart language, which was then incorporated into a Flutter project for mobile and web applications

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The next step was creation of a web platform to host the content and display it to patients. We utilized a Flutter framework with Google firebase backend. The application is fully internet connected with a focus on daily updates ensuring access to up to date information.

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We then merged the functional application into the web application for official release, which is planned for October 2022.

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