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Educational mobile app for students.

We leveraged insights from our intensive design thinking sessions to identify improvement areas and recommend mobile best practices that would significantly revamp the current app’s user experience. These insights allowed us to develop an easy-to-use application with an updated UI; simplified navigation, user verification, sign-up; user onboarding; and intuitive user flows.

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Mobile Application

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With a lack of analytics and monitoring capabilities, a decline in user engagement, and the need to revamp the app to meet the demands of COVID-19, we had our work cut out for us.

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Working collaboratively, we designed and developed a prioritized product roadmap set for phased delivery using our now, next, later model. This process enabled us to focus our resources on refining only the product’s core functionalities, allowing us to stay within an allocated budget while ensuring we quickly addressed immediate business and user needs, such as updating the offer activation process. Our now, next, later model also enables us to provide guidance and a strategic product roadmap to outline a clear plan for what steps to take next to ensure successful future growth.

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One of Red Canvas’s core concerns were performance usability issues that included frequent app crashes, latency issues, and infrastructure issues that impacted core functionalities. Our refined agile app development process enabled us to break the development cycle into smaller fixed sprints. The shorter sprints allow our team of experts to stay focused on prioritized issues at each sprint stage, continuously testing solutions to roll out fixes at a rapid pace.

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