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RadOncTables Website Development.

The RadOncTables is a non-profit project focused on supporting radiation oncologists and providing research summaries. Residents physicians frequently access the material on this website and use it in their daily practice.

After compiling all of the data from our interviews, audits, and studies, our research team analyzed everything. We pulled from what we learned during our deep dive into data to build out the user experience strategy (UX) for the redesign.

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Once the structural planning was in place, we were ready for the fun part – design! Design is where things come to life as we pulled together the colors, images, fonts, and iconography that would best represent RadOncTables.

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The first thing we focused on was creating a new and more efficient site map that simplified access to the valuable information visitors were looking for. At the same time we were laying out the site map, we were also defining the content strategy for the redesigned website.

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The content strategy was central to ensuring only up-to-date and relevant content would remain on the site, and helped us identify content gaps that existed where new content would need to be created to fully tell the story of the new 10 year plan.

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After the site map and content strategy were in place, it was time to wireframe the structure of the site. Wireframing allowed us to lay out the priority of content on each page across the site, to ensure an optimal user journey.

Beautiful design

Christopher Estes
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